Tax consequences of liquidating a roth ira shaun el cordero online dating

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In which case it would be better to just keep the money invested, and pay taxes on the RMDs, than to delay RMDs but lose all growth.On the other hand, though, for those who to purchase a longevity annuity, and are optimistic about their own life expectancy, it is arguably better to purchase a longevity annuity inside of an IRA (as opposed to buying it with other taxable-account dollars) to benefit from the RMD deferral on top!

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Notably, this exception applies Dennis is turning 70 ½ in 2018, but is still working full time for his current employer.

He has a 0,000 balance in his 401(k) plan at work, a 5,000 401(k) plan from his prior employer (still held in the old 401(k) plan), and ,000 in various contributory and rollover IRAs.

The longevity annuity is akin to a traditional single premium immediate annuity, which converts a lump sum into an (illiquid) guaranteed stream of payments for life (or a period certain).

But while an immediate annuity begins payments immediately – as the name suggests – with a longevity annuity, the payments don’t begin until later.

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For those accumulating towards retirement, this provides additional tax-deferred compounding growth that can help bridge the gap towards retirement itself.

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