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In this workshop, we focus on educating women about their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual connections to their Wild Woman within.We look at where we have given up our power, or had it taken away and how to reclaim it.We create an environment of trust so all may feel good about the uniqueness of who we are.Topics will include: self care, sex and intimacy, relationships, self confidence, setting boundaries, pushing boundaries, self love, orgasm, communication, goal setting and so much more.At the end of the night, you’ll hand in your match card and be notified of your matches within the next 48 hours.Click HERE to learn more about how Do Sask Saskatoon Speed Dating works.Much better way to meet people.” 5 stars – “GREAT TIME! A group of us stayed drinking together until around midnight.” I would love to hear your comment along with your honest rating.

If you are finding that the lack of personal connection with the online community is getting you down, come sit with us for a bit and share in connection and mutual benefit. How do we use awareness to find balance in life Practical tools to overcome challenged areas.Get grounded in your intuitive capacities with the Life Balance Development System Practitioner Certification Program.This course provides you with the foundation of practical tools and ethical responsibilities to read, clear, balance and channel energy for optimal health and wellness (for yourself & your clients).​Freedom ~ Vulnerability ~ Fear ~ Protection ~ Trust ~ Self Worth ~ Inner Strength ~ Vision ~ Intuition ~ Communication ~ Boundaries ~ Sexual Energy ~ Body Image ~ Self Confidence ~ Celebration ~ Authenticity ~ Relationships ~ Sisterhood Includes: 5 Days of Instruction & Designed Daily Experiences * Daily Yoga & Meditation * Breathwork * Group Medicine Circles * Excursions * Wild Womanhood Teachings * Delicious Healthy Food * Private Life Balance Session * Private Life Balance Session Confidence ~ Stamina ~ Fear ~ Anger ~ Expectations ~ Protection ~ Truth ~ Providing ~ Listening ~ Sharing ~ Reactions ~ Communication ~ Holding Space ~ Courage ~ Sacrifice ~ Respect ~ Strength ~ Boundaries ~ Balance ~ Giving ~ Receiving ~ Connection ~ Trust ~ Visioning ~ Wisdom ~ Leadership ~ Manifestation Level 1 - Energy & The Self What is Energy: Nadis, Chakras, Meridians, Breath and the 5 senses. Intention, Practice, Prayer, Ritual and Ceremony Meditation and Yoga Get grounded in your intuitive capacities with the Life Balance Development System Practitioner Certification Program.Level 3 - Sexuality & Energy Steps to Sexual Connection Sex-ercises, Diet and Aphrodisiacs Communicating Sexual Needs Creating your Sacred Space Sexual Anatomy & Physiology Foreplay, Types of orgasms & positions Toys, props and extras Ready to take the next step in Personal and Professional Development?

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With the rise of the Feminine being so much of the focus in modern times, we are looking to each other for guidance on what that means.

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