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Nude chat side

I laid on my stomach to start, still getting used to being naked in public.

The beach split up from the trees, so quite a few people would walk up and down the shoreline.

His cock was rock hard as she slowly stroked him, while he returned the favor slowly shoving his finger in and out of her inviting slit.

As I walked by, the woman looked up and saw me staring at them.

I just finished packing my bags and I was ready to go. All I had to pack was a towel, sunscreen, and water. The softness of the bedsheets as I slept naked, the flow of water over my body as I went skinny dipping.

I figured this would be a good time to go cool off, so I headed to the lake.He was sun tanning, oiled up, lying on his back, exposing his long limp cock and balls hanging to one side.I knew nudity and sex were supposed to be kept separate, so I took a final longing glimpse then moved on.Her boyfriend was well hung, with a skinny but long cock, and a tight clean shaven sack. As I made my way further, I saw a middle aged couple cuddled together on a blanket.But as I walked closer, I realised they weren't cuddling; they were subtly playing with each other!

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I was feeling confident, so decided to walk down the shoreline to see the whole beach.