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There are more than 70 submarines in the Navy Submarine Fleet.Each one is nuclear-powered and classified as one of three different types: The ultimate hunters of the sea, fast-attack submarines are primarily designed to seek and destroy enemy submarines and surface ships.There are well over a dozen potential sub careers to pursue: from Missile Technicians to Information Systems Technicians, from jobs geared around engineering to jobs heavy into electronics, from work focused on logistics to a role catered for those with culinary interests.Here are some especially in-demand careers to be aware of: Operate, test and maintain submarine combat control systems.It ends in the milestone achievement of “Earning your Dolphins” – which entitles one to wear the coveted Submarine Warfare Insignia, one of three major warfare pins in the Navy.Reaching this point signifies that you are officially qualified to serve on subs – having successfully demonstrated expertise in the areas of Indoctrination/Damage Control, Propulsion, Auxiliary Systems, Electronic Equipment, and Navigation and Combat Systems.They are armed with tactical missiles and superior communications and are equally ready to spy or strike.All four of the SSGNs in operation feature a lock-out chamber that allows for clandestine insertion and retrieval of Spec Ops forces. Cruising through the Panama Canal in an underwater boat.

And taking on responsibilities that most can’t fathom.Learn More The great intimidators of the sea, ballistic missile submarines (often called “boomers”) are designed to serve a single mission: strategic deterrence.They are armed with long-range intercontinental nuclear missiles and stealthily patrol the ocean’s depths, unseen yet feared.They are fast, agile and armed with torpedoes and cruise missiles.SSNs are the most common type of Navy Submarine – highlighted by the state-of-the-art Virginia-class.

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If you want to make it here, you need to have the smarts to do highly technical work. As you can imagine, everything is magnified in a 300-foot-long, 30-foot-wide, three-story capsule operating at depths down to 800 feet.

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